Kiki is a wealth of information about how to take good care of yourself and others. This is the second wellness day with the lovely Kiki in collaboration with the Rockaway Retreat House. Check out her amazing website and her youtube channel, she's so inspiring. please come.



See the schedule below

8:30am Meditation with Jaime
9am – 10:30am Ashtanga Yoga for Everybody

Jaime’s Vegetarian Breakfast
Enjoy lots of organic local veggies, coffee, tea

11am – 12pm Kiki Minute Playlist Live: Kiki shares her health and wellness musts, do’s and don’ts

Beach Time
Leave your stuff at the Retreat House and head to the beach, explore the neighborhood, or hang on the porch and relax.

5pm – 7pm Art Opening – Vision is Yoga by Lacey Korb